Ultrasonic Shoes Washer
Ultrasonic Shoes Washer
Ultrasonic Shoes Washer

Ultrasonic Shoes Washer

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No more hardcore hand washing, keep your shoes clean effortless

  • Clean without damage
  • Remove Odor
  • Disinfection

Feature :

  • Using static micro-punching technology to vibrate waves,  strips dirt,  cleans shoes from the inside out, takes away odor.
  • Micro-pulse striking combined with negative ions to decompose stains and protect shoes from deformation

1.spray the emulsifier on the surface of the shoe. If the shoe is dirty, repeat the spray. Leave it for 5 minutes after spraying. Dry the surface of the shoe with a soft cloth until the surface of the shoe is clean.
2.If the shoelaces and insole are dirty, they can be removed and cleaned separately (can also be washed together in the shoe machine).
3.Pour the detergent or laundry liquid into the shoe washing bucket, add the appropriate amount of water (water is added to cover the shoes is better) and put the shoe rack into the shoe washing bucket.
4.Plug in the power-on switch (one-button start, smart and convenient). When you hear the countdown five times "Di Di Di Di Di" for about half an hour, the shoe has been cleaned. After the shoe washing machine is finished, use the water to pass the bubble again