5Pcs Inkjet Print It Yourself Temporary Tattoo Paper
5Pcs Inkjet Print It Yourself Temporary Tattoo Paper

5Pcs Inkjet Print It Yourself Temporary Tattoo Paper

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Let Nothing Limit Your Imagination, Custom Design Your Own Tattoo!

Print It Yourself Temporary Tattoo Paper can be easily used with an inkjet/Laser printer. Removable Temporary Skin tattoos can now be made with your own custom design. 

Can be Used For:

  • Body Paint Makeup
  • Media Tattoo, Make Temporary Tattoos
  • Scrapbooking and Crafts
  • Cardmaking
  • Personalized temporary tattoos for school, events, and parties

Follow this Process:

Step 1. Design your tattoos in any graphic software program.

Step 2. Printer setup: Photo glossy paper, Mirror print.

Step 3. Print your tattoo designs on the glossy side of the temporary tattoo paper.

Step 4. Dry the ink by hair dryer or let it dry naturally, 1 minute by hair dryer or 10 minutes dry naturally.

Step 5. Remove the first side of the adhesive sheet and apply it to the printed side of the tattoo set. Be careful to remove all air bubbles.


Step 6. Use your scissors to cut around each tattoo design, keeping as close as possible to the tattoo.

Step 7. When choosing a place to apply your skin tattoo, you should choose one that is free of body hair.

Step 8. Wash the selected area and dry thoroughly. The skin should be dry when the temporary tattoo is applied.

Step 9. Make sure your hands are dry before removing the second side of the adhesive backing. Apply the tattoo to your skin and press firmly for 20 seconds.

Step 10. Wet the release liner with a slightly wet sponge/towel for 60 seconds. When the paper is thoroughly wet (you will be able to see the tattoo image through the water slide decal paper), remove the release liner to reveal the temporary tattoo.